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Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc. launches the first online shopping system for the blind in Iran

Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc. launches the first online shopping system for the blind in Iran

According to Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc. Public Relations, the blind and visually impaired, like all other citizens, require certain facilities to perform their social activities and this issue is considered as a principle in advanced countries and on most streets and public places you can see examples of special passages and sidewalks for the blind. This situation needs more attention in our country.  The inadequacy of the urban environment has deprived the blind of using public places such as parks and shops and being active and having a bold presence in the community and in practice has forced them to stay at home and stay away from the community.


Accordingly, a proposal was made by the executives of Shahrvand Company to launch a system to facilitate the blind to do the shopping in person the first phase of which was launched at Beihaghi Branch in 2017 and the second phase was launched at Boostan Branch this year. And today the online shopping system for the blind and visually impaired was launched by Masoud Sariolghalam, the CEO of Shahrvand, Ali Akbar Jamali, the president of the Iranian Association of the Blind and a group of officials and executives.


Shahrvand Company, which always carries out its social responsibilities efficiently, has adjusted its infrastructures and store facilities for the use of the people with disabilities which is also in line with the policies of the Mayor of Tehran regarding special attention to people with disabilities especially the blind and visually impaired.


Shahrvand Virtual Store which is backed by Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc. and has already achieved a special place among the citizens of Tehran in terms of online sales by providing fast service and high variety of goods in a short period of time, this time on the World Sight Day has made an effective step in order to protect this class of citizens by launching a convenient online shopping system.


With the launch of the virtual blind shopping system at Shahrvand Virtual Store, the company's online shopping website has provided access to special services and facilities for the blind so that these citizens, like other citizens, will have access to the services available on this website.