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Customers welcome Shahrvand Recess Discount Festival

Customers welcome Shahrvand Recess Discount Festival

According to Shahrvand Public Relations, every year with the start of the educational year, families are concerned about buying stationery, clothes and etc. and Shahrvand chain stores support the livelihood of Iranian households by launching the Shahrvand Recess Festival and has made a positive contribution to providing students with the educational requirements they need.

Shahrvand chain stores, as one of the complexes under the supervision of Tehran Municipality, strives to provide essential items which citizens need with minimum profits throughout the year, and by holding discount festivals, it has been able to fulfill its mission by supplying and delivering goods and also gain the trust and confidence of the customers.

For this reason and following the warm welcome of citizens of discount festivals, Shahrvand offers periodic promotions on discounted Thursdays and Fridays on a regular basis with maximum discounts.

Shahrvand Recess Festival has been on sale since August 23rd with more than 3,000 discounted items and will continue until October 7th.